[Gluster-users] gluster 3.7.9 permission denied and mv errors

Sakshi Bansal sabansal at redhat.com
Mon May 2 06:46:18 UTC 2016

Regarding the ENOTEMPTY error I need some more information:
1) Are there multiple clients running the same script or performing rmdir on the directory that complained?
2) Was there a rebalance running when you saw the error?
3) Before you ran the second rmdir that successfully removed the directory was there an 'ls' or similar fop performed on the directory?

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Subject: [Gluster-users] gluster 3.7.9 permission denied and mv errors

I am running into two problems (possibly related?). 

1) Every once in a while, when I do a 'rm -rf DIRNAME', it comes back with an error: 
rm: cannot remove `DIRNAME` : Directory not empty 

If I try the 'rm -rf' again after the error, it deletes the directory. The issue is that I have scripts that clean up directories, and they are failing unless I go through the deletes a 2nd time. 

2) I have different scripts to move a large numbers of files (5-25k) from one directory to another. Sometimes I receive an error: 
/bin/mv: cannot move `xyz` to `../bkp00/xyz`: File exists 

The move is done using '/bin/mv -f', so it should overwrite the file if it exists. I have tested this with hundreds of files, and it works as expected. However, every few days the script that moves the files will have problems with 1 or 2 files during the move. This is one move problem out of roughly 10,000 files that are being moved and I cannot figure out any reason for the intermittent problem. 

Setup details for my gluster configuration shown below. 

[root at gfs01bkp logs]# gluster volume info 
Volume Name: gfsbackup 
Type: Distribute 
Volume ID: e78d5123-d9bc-4d88-9c73-61d28abf0b41 
Status: Started 
Number of Bricks: 7 
Transport-type: tcp 
Brick1: gfsib01bkp.corvidtec.com:/data/brick01bkp/gfsbackup 
Brick2: gfsib01bkp.corvidtec.com:/data/brick02bkp/gfsbackup 
Brick3: gfsib02bkp.corvidtec.com:/data/brick01bkp/gfsbackup 
Brick4: gfsib02bkp.corvidtec.com:/data/brick02bkp/gfsbackup 
Brick5: gfsib02bkp.corvidtec.com:/data/brick03bkp/gfsbackup 
Brick6: gfsib02bkp.corvidtec.com:/data/brick04bkp/gfsbackup 
Brick7: gfsib02bkp.corvidtec.com:/data/brick05bkp/gfsbackup 
Options Reconfigured: 
nfs.disable: off 
server.allow-insecure: on 
storage.owner-gid: 100 
server.manage-gids: on 
cluster.lookup-optimize: on 
server.event-threads: 8 
client.event-threads: 8 
changelog.changelog: off 
storage.build-pgfid: on 
performance.readdir-ahead: on 
diagnostics.brick-log-level: WARNING 
diagnostics.client-log-level: WARNING 
cluster.rebal-throttle: aggressive 
performance.cache-size: 1024MB 
performance.write-behind-window-size: 10MB 

[root at gfs01bkp logs]# rpm -qa | grep gluster 

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