[Gluster-users] disperse volume and its relation to xlators/cluster/ec

jayakrishnan mm jayakrishnan.mm at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 08:24:29 UTC 2016

Dear Xavi,

Thanks  a lot. That clarified my confusion.

Best Regards

On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 3:35 PM, Xavier Hernandez <xhernandez at datalab.es>

> Hi jayakrishnan,
> the old implementation was not finally accepted to be included in main
> glusterfs tree, so it was rewritten in what now is known as ec.
> disperse is an alias for ec. They are the same. The algorithm implemented
> is Reed-Solomon. It's really similar to ida (we could say that ida is a
> specific implementation of a Reed-Solomon code).
> Almost all basic functionality in old code is implemented in new ec in
> some way, though not using the same approaches. Anyway the latest
> implementation is way more stable and maintained, while the old code has
> been abandoned and should not be used.
> Regards,
> Xavi
> On 17/02/16 05:12, jayakrishnan mm wrote:
>> Dear  Xavier,
>> I am trying to understand the disperse  translator  and its  usage.
>>  From
>> https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gluster-devel/2014-01/txttzloLYIJOh.txt
>> , I see  there  are  four  components namely gfsys,dfc,ida  and  heal
>> which needs  to  be  compiled  with GlusterFS main source code.
>> I am  confused  this with xlator/cluster/ec.   What is the relationship
>> between this  and  the disperse volume components  mentioned  earlier ?
>>   Is   xlator/cluster/ec  is  erasure coding (ec) translator
>> implementation  in glusterFS ? If yes, which algorithm it implements ? (
>> I know  disperse  volume implements IDA)
>> Pls. help
>> Best Regards
>> JK
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