[Gluster-users] disperse volume and its relation to xlators/cluster/ec

Xavier Hernandez xhernandez at datalab.es
Wed Feb 17 07:35:25 UTC 2016

Hi jayakrishnan,

the old implementation was not finally accepted to be included in main 
glusterfs tree, so it was rewritten in what now is known as ec.

disperse is an alias for ec. They are the same. The algorithm 
implemented is Reed-Solomon. It's really similar to ida (we could say 
that ida is a specific implementation of a Reed-Solomon code).

Almost all basic functionality in old code is implemented in new ec in 
some way, though not using the same approaches. Anyway the latest 
implementation is way more stable and maintained, while the old code has 
been abandoned and should not be used.



On 17/02/16 05:12, jayakrishnan mm wrote:
> Dear  Xavier,
> I am trying to understand the disperse  translator  and its  usage.
>  From
> https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gluster-devel/2014-01/txttzloLYIJOh.txt
> , I see  there  are  four  components namely gfsys,dfc,ida  and  heal
> which needs  to  be  compiled  with GlusterFS main source code.
> I am  confused  this with xlator/cluster/ec.   What is the relationship
> between this  and  the disperse volume components  mentioned  earlier ?
>   Is   xlator/cluster/ec  is  erasure coding (ec) translator
> implementation  in glusterFS ? If yes, which algorithm it implements ? (
> I know  disperse  volume implements IDA)
> Pls. help
> Best Regards
> JK

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