[Gluster-users] question about sync replicate volume after rebooting one node

Anuradha Talur atalur at redhat.com
Tue Feb 16 10:53:03 UTC 2016

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> Subject: [Gluster-users] question about sync replicate volume after	rebooting one node
> Hi,
> I have a question about how to sync volume between two bricks after one node
> is reboot.
> There are two node, A node and B node.A node ip is and B node ip
> is
> operation steps on A node as below
> 1. gluster peer probe
> 2. mkdir -p /data/brick/gv0
> 3.gluster volume create gv0 replica 2 :/data/brick/gv0
> :/data/brick/gv1 force
> 4. gluster volume start gv0
> 5.mount -t glusterfs :/gv0 gluster
> operation steps on B node as below
> 1 . mkdir -p /data/brick/gv0
> 2.mount -t glusterfs :/gv0 gluster
> After all steps above , there a some gluster service process, including
> glusterd, glusterfs and glusterfsd, running on both A and B node.
> I can see these servic by command ps aux | grep gluster and command gluster
> volume status.
> Now reboot the B node.After B reboot , there are no gluster service running
> on B node.
> After I systemctl start glusterd , there is just glusterd service but not
> glusterfs and glusterfsd on B node.
> Because glusterfs and glusterfsd are not running so I can't gluster volume
> heal gv0 full.
> I want to know why glusterd don't start glusterfs and glusterfsd.

On starting glusterd, glusterfsd should have started by itself.
Could you share glusterd and brick log (on node B) so that we know why glusterfsd
didn't start?

Do you still see glusterfsd service running on node A? You can try running "gluster v start <VOLNAME> force"
on one of the nodes and check if all the brick processes started.

gluster volume status <VOLNAME> should be able to provide you with gluster process status.

On restarting the node, glusterfs process for mount won't start by itself. You will have to run
step 2 on node B again for it.

> How do I restart these services on B node?
> How do I sync the replicate volume after one node reboot?

Once the glusterfsd process starts on node B too, glustershd -- self-heal-daemon -- for replicate volume
should start healing/syncing files that need to be synced. This deamon does periodic syncing of files.

If you want to trigger a heal explicitly, you can run gluster volume heal <VOLNAME> on one of the servers.
> Thanks,
> Xin
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