[Gluster-users] question about sync replicate volume after rebooting one node

songxin songxin_1980 at 126.com
Wed Feb 17 02:53:41 UTC 2016

Thank you for your immediate and detailed reply.And I have a few more question about glusterfs. 
A node IP is
B node IP is
1.After reboot B node and start the glusterd service the glusterd log is as blow.
[2015-12-07 07:54:55.743966] I [MSGID: 101190] [event-epoll.c:632:event_dispatch_epoll_worker] 0-epoll: Started thread with index 2
[2015-12-07 07:54:55.744026] I [MSGID: 101190] [event-epoll.c:632:event_dispatch_epoll_worker] 0-epoll: Started thread with index 1
[2015-12-07 07:54:55.744280] I [MSGID: 106163] [glusterd-handshake.c:1193:__glusterd_mgmt_hndsk_versions_ack] 0-management: using the op-version 30706
[2015-12-07 07:54:55.773606] I [MSGID: 106490] [glusterd-handler.c:2539:__glusterd_handle_incoming_friend_req] 0-glusterd: Received probe from uuid: b6efd8fc-5eab-49d4-a537-2750de644a44
[2015-12-07 07:54:55.777994] E [MSGID: 101076] [common-utils.c:2954:gf_get_hostname_from_ip] 0-common-utils: Could not lookup hostname of : Temporary failure in name resolution
[2015-12-07 07:54:55.778290] E [MSGID: 106010] [glusterd-utils.c:2717:glusterd_compare_friend_volume] 0-management: Version of Cksums gv0 differ. local cksum = 2492237955, remote cksum = 4087388312 on peer
[2015-12-07 07:54:55.778384] I [MSGID: 106493] [glusterd-handler.c:3780:glusterd_xfer_friend_add_resp] 0-glusterd: Responded to (0), ret: 0
[2015-12-07 07:54:55.928774] I [MSGID: 106493] [glusterd-rpc-ops.c:480:__glusterd_friend_add_cbk] 0-glusterd: Received RJT from uuid: b6efd8fc-5eab-49d4-a537-2750de644a44, host:, port: 0
When I run gluster peer status on B node it show as below.
Number of Peers: 1

Uuid: b6efd8fc-5eab-49d4-a537-2750de644a44
State: Peer Rejected (Connected)

When I run "gluster volume status" on A node  it show as below.
Status of volume: gv0
Gluster process                             TCP Port  RDMA Port  Online  Pid
mp/data/brick/gv0                           49152     0          Y       13019
NFS Server on localhost                     N/A       N/A        N       N/A  
Self-heal Daemon on localhost               N/A       N/A        Y       13045
Task Status of Volume gv0
There are no active volume tasks

It looks like the glusterfsd service is ok on A node.

If because the peer state is Rejected so gluterd didn't start the glusterfsd?What causes this problem?

2. Is glustershd(self-heal-daemon) the process as below?
root       497  0.8  0.0 432520 18104 ?        Ssl  08:07   0:00 /usr/sbin/glusterfs -s localhost --volfile-id gluster/glustershd -p /var/lib/glusterd/glustershd/run/gluster ..

If it is, I want to know if the glustershd is also the bin glusterfsd, just like glusterd and glusterfs.


At 2016-02-16 18:53:03, "Anuradha Talur" <atalur at redhat.com> wrote:
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>> Subject: [Gluster-users] question about sync replicate volume after	rebooting one node
>> Hi,
>> I have a question about how to sync volume between two bricks after one node
>> is reboot.
>> There are two node, A node and B node.A node ip is and B node ip
>> is
>> operation steps on A node as below
>> 1. gluster peer probe
>> 2. mkdir -p /data/brick/gv0
>> 3.gluster volume create gv0 replica 2 :/data/brick/gv0
>> :/data/brick/gv1 force
>> 4. gluster volume start gv0
>> 5.mount -t glusterfs :/gv0 gluster
>> operation steps on B node as below
>> 1 . mkdir -p /data/brick/gv0
>> 2.mount -t glusterfs :/gv0 gluster
>> After all steps above , there a some gluster service process, including
>> glusterd, glusterfs and glusterfsd, running on both A and B node.
>> I can see these servic by command ps aux | grep gluster and command gluster
>> volume status.
>> Now reboot the B node.After B reboot , there are no gluster service running
>> on B node.
>> After I systemctl start glusterd , there is just glusterd service but not
>> glusterfs and glusterfsd on B node.
>> Because glusterfs and glusterfsd are not running so I can't gluster volume
>> heal gv0 full.
>> I want to know why glusterd don't start glusterfs and glusterfsd.
>On starting glusterd, glusterfsd should have started by itself.
>Could you share glusterd and brick log (on node B) so that we know why glusterfsd
>didn't start?
>Do you still see glusterfsd service running on node A? You can try running "gluster v start <VOLNAME> force"
>on one of the nodes and check if all the brick processes started.
>gluster volume status <VOLNAME> should be able to provide you with gluster process status.
>On restarting the node, glusterfs process for mount won't start by itself. You will have to run
>step 2 on node B again for it.
>> How do I restart these services on B node?
>> How do I sync the replicate volume after one node reboot?
>Once the glusterfsd process starts on node B too, glustershd -- self-heal-daemon -- for replicate volume
>should start healing/syncing files that need to be synced. This deamon does periodic syncing of files.
>If you want to trigger a heal explicitly, you can run gluster volume heal <VOLNAME> on one of the servers.
>> Thanks,
>> Xin
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