[Gluster-users] Upgrading ancient gluster version

Dietmar Putz putz at 3qmedien.net
Thu Feb 11 12:27:48 UTC 2016

Hi Dave,

first of all I'm not a developer, just a user as you and recently i had 
a gluster update ( 6 bricks in distributed replicated conf + the same as 
slave for the geo-replication)
on ubuntu from 12.04 LTS / GFS 3.4.7 to 14.04 LTS - 3.5.x - 3.6.7 - 3.7.6.

most problem i got is/was regarding geo-replication setup. currently I'm 
waiting for the last active node to change from hybrid to changelog 
crawl and it is possible that i get it working now (will then update my 
last post..)

this might not be of interest for you but possibly this :


currently all gluster-nodes are running with kernel 3.8.4 without any 
problems as described in the link above.

possibly you will have trouble to mount volume after update to 3.6 as i 
can remember...if so, try this :

Auf einem Gluster-Node : gluster volume stop <volname>                 
                 #on one node
Auf allen Gluster-Nodes : service glusterfs-server stop                 
                     #on all nodes
Auf allen Gluster-Nodes : ps -aef | grep -v grep | grep glusterfs     
                            # on all nodes
ggf. kill -9 <gluster-pid>                                             
                 # on all nodes
Auf allen Gluster-Nodes : glusterd --xlator-option *.upgrade=on -N    
                         # on all nodes

and i strongly believe you have to update all your clients too.
maybe a developer can give you more background information about the 
need to do that...

best regards

Am 11.02.2016 um 10:53 schrieb Dave Warren:
> I'm finally hoping to be able to upgrade a relatively ancient gluster 
> 3.4.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 to a more modern version of Gluster and want to 
> verify that I am prepared.
> I currently have two gluster servers and hope to have all volumes in a 
> mirror configuration prior to upgrading. There are various clients, 
> most of which I can directly control. We do not currently use quota or 
> geo-replication, which I understand should simplify the process.
> First off, what version should I be targeting? The goal (aside from 
> being up to date) is small file performance. From what I have read, 
> the best option is to use the PPA at https://launchpad.net/~gluster/, 
> is that still correct?
> I'm not certain if I can get the clients to all shut down and 
> disconnect, if not, will it hurt me if 3.4.2 clients are attempting to 
> connect? I will be scheduling a maintenance window and could firewall 
> them off until they're upgraded if needed. From reading 
> https://gluster.readthedocs.org/en/latest/Upgrade-Guide/Upgrade%20to%203.7/ 
> in the "Pre-upgrade" section it looks like I should probably firewall 
> off clients until I confirm they're upgraded, is that correct?
> Finally, what is the rollback procedure if I encounter problems? Can I 
> revert to the old version of gluster and use my existing bricks?
> Is there anything else I should be aware of, or any significant 
> changes that are likely to cause issues other than the upgrade process 
> itself?

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