[Gluster-users] What is the recommended backup strategy for GlusterFS?

Mathieu Chateau mathieu.chateau at lotp.fr
Fri Sep 4 19:27:01 UTC 2015


so far I use rsnapshot <https://github.com/rsnapshot/rsnapshot>. This
script do rsync with rotation, and most important same files are stored
only once through hard link (inode). I save space, but still rsync need to
parse all folders to know for new files.

I am also interested in solution 1), but need to be stored on distinct
drives/servers. We can't afford to loose data and snapshot in case of human
error or disaster.


2015-09-03 13:05 GMT+02:00 Merlin Morgenstern <merlin.morgenstern at gmail.com>

> I have about 1M files in a GlusterFS with rep 2 on 3 nodes runnnig gluster
> 3.7.3.
> What would be a recommended automated backup strategy for this setup?
> I already considered the following:
> 1) glusterfs snapshots in combination with dd. This unfortunatelly was not
> possible so far as I could not find any info on how to make a image file
> out of the snapshots and how to automate the snapshot procedure.
> 2) rsync the mounted file share to a second directory and do a tar on the
> entire directory after rsync completed
> 3) combination of 1 and 2. Doing a snapshot that gets mounted automaticaly
> and then rsync from there. Problem: How to automate snapshots and how to
> know the mount path
> Currently I am only able to do the second option, but the fist option
> seems to be the most atractive.
> Thank you for any help on this.
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