[Gluster-users] automating gluster geo-replication setup

Danny Sauer danny at dannysauer.com
Tue Jun 23 12:20:29 UTC 2015

I have a need to automate the addition (and removal) of geo-replicated
nodes for a gluster volume.  I'd like to have that replication run as a
non-privileged user.  In looking at the documentation at
there's this paragraph:

"Create a geo-rep session between master and slave volume using the
following command. The node in which this command is executed and the
<slave_host> specified in the command should have password less ssh
setup between them. The push-pem option actually uses the secret pem pub
file created earlier and establishes geo-rep specific password less ssh
between each node in master to each node of slave."

It sounds like that's telling me that the process is to create a
passphraseless ssh key from root to root on both sides, and then gluster
will run a command to set up yet another ssh key.  Rather than relying
upon magic, what I'd like to do is to just create the final ssh key pair
in advance and have my automation system put the right files in the
right places  through either file copies or file edits (ideally without
running gluster admin commands, as this is a convergence-based tool like
CFEngine/Puppet).  And, again, I'd prefer to do so such that
communication happens as a non-privileged user, preferably with the ssh
key limited to running a single command.

Is there any documentation out there which explains how that works in a
way that can be easily automated?


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