[Gluster-users] Replicated with bricks of different sizes

John Gardeniers jgardeniers at objectmastery.com
Mon Jun 15 05:11:51 UTC 2015

Hi Victor,

Thanks for the response. Since writing my question we have been able to 
take over another server, which does have enough drive space for this 
job, so it's now merely an academic question.


On 15/06/15 12:51, Viktor Villafuerte wrote:
> Hi John,
> On Mon 15 Jun 2015 09:15:53, John Gardeniers wrote:
>> We are/were running a simple 1x2 replica volume and have had a major failure
>> on one of our gluster servers. We want to create a new replica, at least for
>> the time being, but don't have another available server with sufficient
>> drive space. Working on the assumption that we will not increase the disk
>> usage, and will therefore not get anywhere near the capacity of the smaller
>> server's drives, is it safe to create a replica using mismatched brick
>> sizes? Will gluster even allow that?
> I did bit of testing of this some time ago. Not with the lastest Gluster
> mind you... You can have different size bricks in a volume but you
> should always have the same size bricks in a replica.
> You say that there's enough space and no space will be consumed after
> etc and in theory this could work. But I wouldn't certainly recommend
> this kind of setup.
> v
>> regards,
>> John
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