[Gluster-users] Replace the down server met probe problem

何亦军 heyijun at greatwall.com.cn
Wed Jun 10 09:00:29 UTC 2015

Hi Guys,

   I have a failure server in my gluster pool, I try to install a new server to replace that down server.
   I install new server by ovirt (ovirt 3.5.2), that new server same to old server’s IP, Name etc. The server state is “UP” in ovirt web.
   I try to peer probe one in peers node, I met error below:

   [root at gwgfs03 glusterfs]# gluster peer probe gwgfs01
peer probe: failed: Probe returned with unknown errno 107

   checked error message in etc-glusterfs-glusterd.vol.log :
[2015-06-10 08:34:47.856567] E [socket.c:2332:socket_connect_finish] 0-management: connection to failed (No route to host)

I checked my network config is not problem.  any idea?

BTW, All node runing glusterfs 3.7.1
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