[Gluster-users] reading from local replica?

Jeff Darcy jdarcy at redhat.com
Tue Jun 9 16:10:12 UTC 2015

> So, maybe passing these options as a mount command doesn't work/is a
> no-op, but what I don't understand is why -- given that there is no
> measure by which glusterfs should ever conclude the replica in the
> "other" region is ever faster than the replica in the "same" region.

If read-subvolume or read-subvolume-index is somehow not getting through,
then we're back to the read-hash-mode default - which does *not* try to
use round-trip-time measurements.  Still, it should give different
results for different files.

> In
> fact, it appears as though glusterfs is *preferring* the slower replica.

It's hard to see how that would be the case, since the code to set
read_child based on first-to-reply seems to be *missing* in the current
code.  :(  What version are you running, again?

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