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中川智之 tomoyuki.nakagawa0211 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 02:14:26 UTC 2015

Hi EveryOne.

I want to use Hadoop 2.x with GlusterFS. To testing, Prepare these

- CentOS 7.1(on VMWare)
- Gluster FS 3.7
- Hadoop 2.x
- Glusterfs-Hadoop plugin 2.3.13

Test Process is this.

<Test Process>
1. Install CentOS 7.1. (3 VM Machine)
  - 1 Machine is GlusterFS Client, and hadoop Namenode
  - 2 Machine is GlusterFS BrickNode, and hadoop Datanode
2. Install GlusterFS 3.7, and cnfigure brick.
3. Mount Gluster volume from client Machine.
4. Install Hadoop 2.x, and HDFS configure.
  * Hadoop installed by root.
5. Starting and testing HDFS and Mapreduce.
6. Configure Hadoop 2.0 with GlusterFS

Finish and Succcess Test 5, and I started Test 6 with this Note.


But I'm not entirely the way. 
- How to use glusterfs-hadoop-2.3.13.jar ?
- Only put glusterfs-hadoop-2.3.13.jar and edit core-site.xml, Hadoop can
use on GlusterFS?
- If Finished Configuration, Hadoop can access on GlusterFS Volume by hadoop
command ?
 $ bin/hadoop dfs -cat <GlusterVolume>/data
 $ bin/hadoop jar
share/hadoop/mapreduce/hadoop-mapreduce-examples-2.7.0.jar grep
<GlusteVolume>/data <GlusteVolume>/dataout '[a-z.]+'

Please tll me the way of Configuring.
I'm a hadoop Beginner, and I'm not so good at English.

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