[Gluster-users] glusterfs-3.7.3 released

Kaushal M kshlmster at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 06:11:52 UTC 2015

Hi All.

I'm pleased to announce the release of glusterfs-3.7.3. This release
includes a lot of bug fixes and stabilizes the 3.7 branch further. The
summary of the bugs fixed is available at the end of this mail.

The source and RPMs can be available at
http://download.gluster.org/pub/gluster/glusterfs/3.7/3.7.3/ . I'll
notify the list as other packages become available.

Thanks all who submitted fixes for this release.


## Bugs fixed in this release

1212842: tar on a glusterfs mount displays "file changed as we read
it" even though the file was not changed
1214169: glusterfsd crashed while rebalance and self-heal were in progress
1217722: Tracker bug for Logging framework expansion.
1219358: Disperse volume: client crashed while running iozone
1223318: brick-op failure for glusterd command should log error
message in cmd_history.log
1226666: BitRot :- Handle brick re-connection sanely in bitd/scrub process
1226830: Scrubber crash upon pause
1227572: Sharding - Fix posix compliance test failures.
1227808: Issues reported by Cppcheck static analysis tool
1228535: Memory leak in marker xlator
1228640: afr: unrecognized option in re-balance volfile
1229282: Disperse volume: Huge memory leak of glusterfsd process
1229563: Disperse volume: Failed to update version and size (error 2)
seen during delete operations
1230327: context of access control translator should be updated
properly for GF_POSIX_ACL_*_KEY xattrs
1230399: [Snapshot] Scheduled job is not processed when one of the
node of shared storage volume is down
1230523: glusterd: glusterd crashing if you run  re-balance and vol
status  command parallely.
1230857: Files migrated should stay on a tier for a full cycle
1231024: scrub frequecny and throttle change information need to be
present in Scrubber log
1231608: Add regression test for cluster lock in a heterogeneous cluster
1231767: tiering:compiler warning with gcc v5.1.1
1232173: Incomplete self-heal and split-brain on directories found
when self-healing files/dirs on a replaced disk
1232185: cli correction: if tried to create multiple bricks on same
server shows replicate volume instead of disperse volume
1232199: Skip zero byte files when triggering signing
1232333: Ganesha-ha.sh cluster setup not working with RHEL7 and derivatives
1232335: nfs-ganesha: volume is not in list of exports in case of
volume stop followed by volume start
1232602: bug-857330/xml.t fails spuriously
1232612: Disperse volume: misleading unsuccessful message with heal
and heal full
1232660: Change default values of allow-insecure and bind-insecure
1232883: Snapshot daemon failed to run on newly created dist-rep
volume with uss enabled
1232885: [SNAPSHOT]: "man gluster" needs modification for few snapshot commands
1232886: [SNAPSHOT]: Output message when a snapshot create is issued
when multiple bricks are down needs to be improved
1232887: [SNAPSHOT] : Snapshot delete fails with error - Snap might
not be in an usable state
1232889: Snapshot: When Cluster.enable-shared-storage is enable,
shared storage should get mount after Node reboot
1233041: glusterd crashed when testing heal full on replaced disks
1233158: Null pointer dreference in dht_migrate_complete_check_task
1233518: [Backup]: Glusterfind session(s) created before starting the
volume results in 'changelog not available' error, eventually
1233555: gluster v set help needs to be updated for
cluster.enable-shared-storage option
1233559: libglusterfs: avoid crash due to ctx being NULL
1233611: Incomplete conservative merge for split-brained directories
1233632: Disperse volume: client crashed while running iozone
1233651: pthread cond and mutex variables of fs struct has to be
destroyed conditionally.
1234216: nfs-ganesha: add node fails to add a new node to the cluster
1234225: Data Tiering: add tiering set options to volume set help
(cluster.tier-demote-frequency and cluster.tier-promote-frequency)
1234297: Quota: Porting logging messages to new logging framework
1234408: STACK_RESET may crash with concurrent statedump requests to a
glusterfs process
1234584: nfs-ganesha:delete node throws error and pcs status also
notifies about failures, in fact I/O also doesn't resume post grace
1234679: Disperse volume : 'ls -ltrh' doesn't list correct size of the
files every time
1234695: [geo-rep]: Setting meta volume config to false when meta
volume is stopped/deleted leads geo-rep to faulty
1234843: GlusterD does not store updated peerinfo objects.
1234898: [geo-rep]: Feature fan-out fails with the use of meta volume config
1235203: tiering: tier status shows as " progressing " but there is no
rebalance daemon running
1235208: glusterd: glusterd crashes while importing a USS enabled
volume which is already started
1235242: changelog: directory renames not getting recorded
1235258: nfs-ganesha: ganesha-ha.sh --refresh-config not working
1235297: [geo-rep]: set_geo_rep_pem_keys.sh needs modification in
gluster path to support mount broker functionality
1235360: [geo-rep]: Mountbroker setup goes to Faulty with ssh
'Permission Denied' Errors
1235428: Mount broker user add command removes existing volume for a
mountbroker user when second volume is attached to same user
1235512: quorum calculation might go for toss for a concurrent peer
probe command
1235629: Missing trusted.ec.config xattr for files after heal process
1235904: fgetxattr() crashes when key name is NULL
1235923: POSIX: brick logs filled with _gf_log_callingfn due to
this==NULL in dict_get
1235928: memory corruption in the way we maintain migration
information in inodes.
1235934: Allow only lookup and delete operation on file that is in split-brain
1235939: Provide and use a common way to do reference counting of
(internal) structures
1235966: [RHEV-RHGS] After self-heal operation, VM Image file loses
the sparseness property
1235990: quota: marker accounting miscalculated when renaming a file
on with write is in progress
1236019: peer probe results in Peer Rejected(Connected)
1236093: [geo-rep]: worker died with "ESTALE" when performed rm -rf on
a directory from mount of master volume
1236260: [Quota] The root of the volume on which the quota is set
shows the volume size more than actual volume size, when checked with
"df" command.
1236269: FSAL_GLUSTER : symlinks are not working properly if acl is enabled
1236271: Introduce an ATOMIC_WRITE flag in posix writev
1236274: Upcall: Directory or file creation should send cache
invalidation requests to parent directories
1236282: [Backup]: File movement across directories does not get
captured in the output file in a X3 volume
1236288: Data Tiering: Files not getting promoted once demoted
1236933: Ganesha volume export failed
1238052: Quota list is not working on tiered volume.
1238057: Incorrect state created in '/var/lib/nfs/statd'
1238073: protocol/server doesn't reconfigure auth.ssl-allow options
1238476: Throttle background heals in disperse volumes
1238752: Consecutive volume start/stop operations when ganesha.enable
is on, leads to errors
1239270: [Scheduler]: Unable to create Snapshots on RHEL-7.1 using Scheduler
1240183: Renamed Files are missing after self-heal
1240190: do an explicit lookup on the inodes linked in readdirp
1240603: glusterfsd crashed after volume start force
1240607: [geo-rep]: UnboundLocalError: local variable 'fd' referenced
before assignment
1240616: Unable to pause georep session if one of the nodes in cluster
is not part of master volume.
1240906: quota+afr: quotad crash "afr_local_init (local=0x0,
priv=0x7fddd0372220, op_errno=0x7fddce1434dc) at afr-common.c:4112"
1240955: [USS]: snapd process is not killed once the glusterd comes back
1241134: nfs-ganesha: execution of script ganesha-ha.sh throws a error
for a file
1241487: quota/marker: lk_owner is null while acquiring inodelk in
rename operation
1241529: BitRot :- Files marked as 'Bad' should not be accessible from mount
1241666: glfs_loc_link: Update loc.inode with the existing inode
incase if already exits
1241776: [Data Tiering]: HOT Files get demoted from hot tier
1241784: Gluster commands timeout on SSL enabled system, after adding
new node to trusted storage pool
1241831: quota: marker accounting can get miscalculated after upgrade to 3.7
1241841: gf_msg_callingfn does not log the callers of the function in
which it is called
1241885: ganesha volume export fails in rhel7.1
1241963: Peer not recognized after IP address change
1242031: nfs-ganesha: bricks crash while executing acl related
operation for named group/user
1242044: nfs-ganesha : Multiple setting of nfs4_acl on a same file
will cause brick crash
1242192: nfs-ganesha: add-node logic does not copy the
"/etc/ganesha/exports" directory to the correct path on the newly
added node
1242274: Migration does not work when EC is used as a tiered volume.
1242329: [Quota] : Inode quota spurious failure
1242515: racy condition in nfs/auth-cache feature
1242718: [RFE] Improve I/O latency during signing
1242728: replacing a offline brick fails with "replace-brick" command
1242734: GlusterD crashes when management encryption is enabled
1242882: Quota: Quota Daemon doesn't start after node reboot
1242898: Crash in Quota enforcer
1243408: syncop:Include iatt to 'syncop_link' args
1243642: GF_CONTENT_KEY should not be handled unless we are sure no
other operations are in progress
1243644: Metadata self-heal is not handling failures while heal properly
1243647: Disperse volume : data corruption with appending writes in 8+4 config
1243648: Disperse volume: NFS crashed
1243654: fops fail with EIO on nfs mount after add-brick and rebalance
1243655: Sharding - Use (f)xattrop (as opposed to (f)setxattr) to
update shard size and block count
1243898: huge mem leak in posix xattrop
1244100: using fop's dict for resolving causes problems
1244103: Gluster cli logs invalid argument error on every gluster
command execution
1244114: unix domain sockets on Gluster/NFS are created as fifo/pipe
1244116: quota: brick crashes when create and remove performed in parallel
1245908: snap-view:mount crash if debug mode is enabled
1245934: [RHEV-RHGS] App VMs paused due to IO error caused by
split-brain, after initiating remove-brick operation
1246121: Disperse volume : client glusterfs crashed while running IO
1246481: rpc: fix binding brick issue while bind-insecure is enabled
1246728: client3_3_removexattr_cbk floods the logs with "No data
available" messages
1246809: glusterd crashed when a client which doesn't support SSL
tries to mount a SSL enabled gluster volume
1246987: Deceiving log messages like "Failing STAT on gfid :
split-brain observed. [Input/output error]" reported
1246988: sharding - Populate the aggregated ia_size and ia_blocks
before unwinding (f)setattr to upper layers
1247012: Initialize daemons on demand

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