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Geoffrey Letessier geoffrey.letessier at cnrs.fr
Mon Jul 13 14:13:29 UTC 2015

Dear all,

I just upgraded my storage cluster from 3.5.3 to the latest version of GlusterFS (3.7.2-3) but when I want to activate quota info my volume I obtain this result:
# gluster volume quota vol_home enable
quota command failed : Volume quota failed. The cluster is operating at version 3. Quota command enable is unavailable in this version.

Can you give me your help?

Thanks in advance,
Geoffrey Letessier
Responsable informatique & ingénieur système
UPR 9080 - CNRS - Laboratoire de Biochimie Théorique
Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique
13, rue Pierre et Marie Curie - 75005 Paris
Tel: 01 58 41 50 93 - eMail: geoffrey.letessier at ibpc.fr

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