[Gluster-users] How to regenerate all metadata with brick content

Mathieu Chateau mathieu.chateau at lotp.fr
Tue Jul 7 05:37:37 UTC 2015

Hello Geoffrey,

If gluster dev couldn't fix it, I would go the dumb way:

   1. Remove the 2 replicated brick
   2. Reset these 2 bricks using new uuid/volumes (like if they were just
   3. rsync data directly from current nodes to this new 2 nodes cluster
   4. reset the 2 remaining bricks
   5. setup them to replicate the others one.

If you are installing 3.7.2, all clients should be updated before

Using fuse (native gluster protocol/client), load is pushed on clients
(they write to both replica). So they have to be tuned too.

just my 2cents on how I would try to resolve this issue


2015-07-07 6:43 GMT+02:00 Geoffrey Letessier <geoffrey.letessier at cnrs.fr>:

> Dear all,
> We are currently in a very critical situation because all our scientific
> production in our computing center is stopped since more than a week for
> maintenance (because of metadata "corruption"), I tried some scripts
> provided my GlusterFS support team with no effect and I can not continue in
> this way.
> So,I wonder if it exists a way to regenerate all bricks metadata
> (.glusterfs directories) after having remove ".glusterfs" directory on each
> brick (probably after having upgraded GlusterFS from v3.5.3 to v3.7.2)
> Your volume is distributed and replicated on 4 servers with 2 bricks each
> (i.e. distributed on 2 servers and replicated on the 2 others). My volume
> is not stripped
> In addition, because my the past I noticed a lot of performance issue,
> probably because some users play with a big files and some others with a
> lot (thousands, hundreds of thousands nay more) small files (hundreds of
> kB), could you advice me about how to best tune the volume with performance
> parameters?
> Thanks in advance,
> Geoffrey
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