[Gluster-users] set volume locking without shutting off server

Jordan Willis jwillis0720 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 01:46:01 UTC 2015


Is it possible to enable posix type locking with glusterfs without shutting off the volume?

I think this is what I need (I’m trying to get sqlite to lock files on my nfs mounted glusterfs volume)

volume locks
  type features/locks
  subvolumes brick

Can you enable this with the gluster volume set command in some way? If not, do I just add those lines to the /etc/glusterfs/gluster.vol file and turn off and on the volume, or how would I reload that file. I manually started the current fs with the following. I’m confused on where I should actually enable the locking.

gluster volume create  myvolume nfs_mount_1 nfs_mount_2 …nfs_mount_N
gluster volume start myvolume

Thanks so much,

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