[Gluster-users] Expanding a replicated volume

Sjors Gielen sjors at sjorsgielen.nl
Fri Jul 3 09:32:20 UTC 2015

Hi Vishwanath,

Op do 2 jul. 2015 om 21:51 schreef M S Vishwanath Bhat <msvbhat at gmail.com>:

> AFAIK there are two ways you can trigger the self-heal
> 1. Use the gluster CLI "heal" command. I'm not sure why it didn't work for
> you and needs to be investigated.

Do you think I should file a bug for this? I can reliably reproduce using
the steps in my original e-mail. (This is Gluster 3.7.2, by the way.)

> 2. Running 'stat' on files on gluster volume mountpoint, So if you run
> stat on the entire mountpoint, the files should be properly synced across
> all the replica bricks.

This indeed seems to do the same as the `du`: when run as root on the
server running the complete brick, the file appears on the incomplete brick
as well. Initially as an empty file, but after a few seconds the complete
file exists. When the `stat` is not ran as root, this doesn't happen, which
I still think is bizarre.

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