[Gluster-users] Auto Update did not restart services

Gene Liverman gliverma at westga.edu
Thu Jun 26 23:39:22 UTC 2014

My systems are set to automatically install updates. Since I installed
Gluster from the repos this means I went from 3.5 to 3.5.1 automatically.
 The problem is this: the installer did not stop or restart the service so
when I checked the status via /sbin/service on RHEL6 it said it was dead. A
simple service restart fixed this but, until I found the problem, it was
off line.  Is this a bug or do I need to disable the repo and manually
check for updates to Gluster or what? Thanks!

*Gene Liverman*
Systems Administrator
Information Technology Services
University of West Georgia
gliverma at westga.edu

ITS: Making Technology Work for You!

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