[Gluster-users] What Gluster version should I pick for my deployment?

Justin Clift justin at gluster.org
Wed Jul 30 15:51:52 UTC 2014

On 30/07/2014, at 4:15 PM, Juan José Pavlik Salles wrote:
> -What Gluster version should I pick, 3.3, 3.4 or 3.5? I have a small 3.5.1 deployment working right now, but I don't if it's the best choice for a production cluster.

What's the timeframe you're looking at for setting this all
up?  At the moment:

 * Don't choose 3.3.  Too old.  We don't really support it,
   don't release updates for it any more, etc.
 * 3.4.5 is the most stable / bug free of the current releases.
   Would be a decent choice.
 * 3.5.1 is "ok", but we're still ironing out bugs.  3.5.2
   isn't too far off and should be worth considering,
   depending on your timeframe.

Does that help? :)

+ Justin

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