[Gluster-users] Gluster.org site relaunch

Eco Willson ewillson at redhat.com
Thu Jul 17 23:06:50 UTC 2014


I have created an etherpad for tracking issues on the site:


We are fine tuning a new staging server to check the changes at to make the process of building the site go smoother. Until it is put into DNS it can be accessed directly at  (you can see Garrett's new graphic incorporated there as well).  I will be adding the Downloads page and fixing the HowTo page tomorrow, with a note sent after it is finished.  Please add any additional items you do not see listed in the etherpad.



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(7/11/14, 10:46 PM), Justin Clift wrote:
> Do you reckon making a pretty looking page with icons and
> stuff like this would be useful?
>    https://www.transmissionbt.com/download/

No, I don't think we need icons.
Redirecting to a auto-generated diretory list without any pre-caution 
makes feel me awkward.
I just would like a simple page which includes at least the following:

- Which version is the latest, and a link to the directory
- List of package names and short descriptions
- Link to quick start (how to install) page

like this http://ceph.com/resources/downloads/

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