[Gluster-users] Gluster.org site relaunch

Haruka Iwao haruka at redhat.com
Sun Jul 13 23:26:14 UTC 2014

(7/11/14, 10:46 PM), Justin Clift wrote:
> Do you reckon making a pretty looking page with icons and
> stuff like this would be useful?
>    https://www.transmissionbt.com/download/

No, I don't think we need icons.
Redirecting to a auto-generated diretory list without any pre-caution 
makes feel me awkward.
I just would like a simple page which includes at least the following:

- Which version is the latest, and a link to the directory
- List of package names and short descriptions
- Link to quick start (how to install) page

like this http://ceph.com/resources/downloads/


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