[Gluster-users] Vote for Gluster-related Talks at OpenStack Summit

John Mark Walker jowalker at redhat.com
Fri Feb 28 10:22:09 UTC 2014

It's that time again - here are all the talks submitted for the next OpenStack Summit in May. Take a look and vote for your favorites. 

For text-only mail readers, go to this URL: 
- https://www.openstack.org/vote-atlanta/SearchForm?Search=gluster 

    * Use Case: OpenStack + GlusterFS on TryStack.org 
        * “The Gluster community has made huge strides to support backing an openstack installation’s storage with GlusterFS. TryStack.org has implimented GlusterFS as it’s storage backend. 

In this presentation we’ll will walk through the configuration details to impliment GlusterFS as OpenStack’s storage backend.” 

    * A Technical Tour of OpenStack Swift Object Storage Volume Extensions 
        * “Take developers through a tour of existing DiskFile backends for OpenStack Object Storage (Swift). The DiskFile interface in Swift is an API for changing how objects are stored on storage volumes. Swift provides a default implementation over XFS (Posix) and a reference in-memory example to help folks get started.” 
    * Manila: The OpenStack File Share Service – Technology Deep Dive 
        * “This presentation introduces Manila, the new OpenStack File Shares Service. Manila is a community-driven project that presents the management of file shares (e.g. NFS, CIFS) as a core service to OpenStack. Manila currently works with NetApp, Red Hat Storage (GlusterFS) and IBM GPFS (along with a reference implementation based on a Linux NFS server).” 
    * Sharing GlusterFS Storage Servers with Openstack Compute nodes via Docker 
        * “The main focus of this session will be to explain how Docker can be leveraged to utilize unused cycles on GlusterFS Storage nodes for additional compute nodes in an Openstack environment. Docker is an application container and can host both GlusterFS Storage node as well as Openstack compute nodes in a single physical server.” 
    * Best practices for deploying and using Gluster for Storage in OpenStack environments 
        * “Gluster has a number of exciting new features such as NUFA (Non Uniform File Access), Granular geo-replication, Unified file, block & object storage access and data tiering. 

In this presentation we discuss these new features and introduce best practices based on our own expereineces as well as that of customers for deploying and using Gluster in OpenStack environments.” 

    * Extending GlusterFS for OpenStack 
        * “There is a need to extend GlusterFS storage availability to other Operating Systems and Hyper-visors. In this session, you will learn about a generalized block solution for Gluster that works for any block-based application (Xen, HyperV, VirtualBox, VmWare, tape). We will compare different interconnect choices between the GlusterFS server and openstack client, such as iSCSI, FcOE, and ‘gluster native’.” 
    * Breaking the Mold with OpenStack Swift and GlusterFS 
        * “Red Hat uses OpenStack Swift as the object storage interface to GlusterFS. Instead of reimplementing the Swift API, Red Hat is participating in the OpenStack Swift community to ensure that GlusterFS can take full advantage of the latest Swift features. This is absolutely the right way to pair Swift with another storage system.” 
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