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Bernhard Glomm bernhard.glomm at ecologic.eu
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hi sward... bit of a newbie answer to clear up your question:NOW you have ONE NFS-server that hosts all you data on lets say srv://srv/exportand n-clients mounting this data to client-n://srv/mymount, right.
You want to have 2 server (replica 2) and your n-client canmount the glustervolume that those both server serve to anypoint you want,so easily also to client-n://srv/mymountalthough I never tried this yet, but gluster comes with an nfs server,so the clients wouldn't even have to have gluster installed to fuse mount,but could keep going on using their nfs-mounts (just changing the sourceaddress, and I don't know about failover scenarios in that case)
MAKE SURE that the both server have a sufficient interlink,here I "easily" get a 3x1GB NIC bonded connection saturated (ain't got more to bond ;-(I suspect slow or buggy network connections to be responsible for the most issueson filesystems that span over several hosts.
Another hint? have a THOROUGH look at your NIC chips!Some time ago I ordered to small dev machines to test another failover/redundancy scenario.The reseller of my confidence pointed out to take another extra NIC,since the onboard chip might show probs with the linux module.Well it turned out the onboard chip was the same brand, same speed than the extra oneand worked perfectly fine... for most of the tasksEXCEPT drbd which just didn't worked on that NIC...same setup/config on the extra NIC and no problem at all...

> I have to say that I am a bit of a newbie to Gluster, however, my company
> wishes to migrate from a non-clustered NFS server to a 2 brick gluster
> (replica 2) setup using fuse tcp connections from clients.
> The goal is to convert an NFS setup to a Gluster setup with the least
> amount of downtime for client machines (customers).
> Any tips for migration?  Specifically...
>  - Is there a way to ³import² existing NFS data (files/folders) into
> gluster without rsync¹ing data to another server?
>    - For instance, is it possible to convert an NFS mount point into a
> gluster mount point on the same server?
> I could go into a whole lot of detail, but I am wondering if anyone else
> has encountered this type of situation and can share some learnings.


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