[Gluster-users] Gluster not recognizing available space

Pat Haley phaley at MIT.EDU
Thu Feb 6 16:25:09 UTC 2014

Hi Brian,

gluster-0-1 did not recognize the delaylog option,
but when I mounted the disk with nobarrier,inode64
I was able to write to the disk both directly
and from a client through gluster.

Assuming inode64 was the key, was the problem
that XFS could not address the inodes withour
64 bit representation?  Just curious.

Problem solved!  Thanks!


> On 02/05/2014 03:39 PM, Pat Haley wrote:
>> Hi Brian,
>> I tried both just using touch to create
>> an empty file and copying a small (<1kb)
>> file.  Neither worked.
>> Note: currently the disk served by gluster-0-1
>> is mounted as
>> /dev/sdb1               /mseas-data-0-1         xfs     defaults        1 0
>> I have received some advice to change the mount
>> to  nobarrier,inode64,delaylog
>> Would this be compatible with gluster?
> That suggests XFS cannot allocate more inodes. inode64 is worth a try if
> that is not currently enabled. I don't think it should make a difference
> for gluster. The other options are unrelated and should have no effect.
> Brian
>> Pat
>>> On 02/04/2014 02:14 PM, Jeff Darcy wrote:
>>>>> I tried to "go behind" gluster and directly
>>>>> write a file to the nfs filesystem on gluster-0-1.
>>>>> If I try to write to /mseas-data-0-1 (the file
>>>>> space served by gluster-0-1) directly I still
>>>>> get the "No space left on device" error.
>>>>> (df -h still shows 784G on that disk)
>>> Are you writing to an existing file or attempting to create a new one?
>>> Can you simply create a new, empty file on your backend (i.e., touch
>>> mynewfile)?
>>> Brian
>>>>> If I try to write to the system disk
>>>>> (the only other area) there is no problem.
>>>>> I don't have any portion of the disk served by
>>>>> gluster-0-1 that is not under gluster, so I
>>>>> can't try to write to a non-gluster portion of
>>>>> the disk.
>>>>> Does this suggest anything?
>>>> Quota limit?
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