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I guess some good advice is "pre-mature optimization is the root of all
evil".  Use the Gluster defaults for your replica volumes, then, when
you inevitably have performance issues, identify bottlenecks logically
and iteratively:
	- Raw RAID read/write speeds
	- Raw network read/write speeds

ie, make sure your hardware/network can keep up before trying to "fix"
GlusterFS.  We use GlusterFS for home directories on a compute cluster
with 10-20 concurrent users (~100 total users), and I mandate that users
do write-heavy jobs to compute-node local storage.  It's a bit different
use case than yours, but hopefully useful insight.  For the record,
we're using 10Gbe over copper.

Other than that, the Red Hat storage guide recommends hardware RAID6 and
XFS (rather than ext4).



On 08/01/2014 10:02 AM, Bruno MACADRÉ wrote:
> Hi all,
>     I'm currently doing a Fileserver between 2 nodes, I use GlusterFS in
> replicate mode between them to keep data in sync.
>     This fileserver is planned to be used by about 200
> users/workstations simultaneously for homes and other shares so my
> questions are :
>         * What's the best mount type (GlusterFS or NFS) for performances
> and/or stability ?
>         * I see around the Web a lot of tuning (all and nothing), is
> there a tuning concept according to the final use and the hardware of
> the servers ?
>         * Is there some caveat to avoid ?
>     Thanks by advance for any answers
>     Regards,
>     Bruno.

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