[Gluster-users] Mounting Gluster volume on multiple clients.

Robert Hajime Lanning lanning at lanning.cc
Thu Sep 26 17:15:55 UTC 2013

On 09/26/13 07:51, Bobby Jacob wrote:
> We will not have a situation where we need to access the same file from
> different clients.
> We are looking for a web application which will be deployed on 2
> servers. Both these servers will mount the gluster volume and this mount
> point will act as the data directory for the applications.
> The users will login to the load balanced application servers and the
> application creates separate folders for each user.
> My doubt is if multiple users login to both the application servers and
> read/ write data. Will thus effect any synchronization of data between
> the underlying bricks.

In a healthy volume, the replication is synchronous. The client writes 
to all replicas at the same time.

Mr. Flibble
King of the Potato People

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