[Gluster-users] Self-Heal Daemon not Running

Andrew Lau andrew at andrewklau.com
Tue Sep 24 12:32:38 UTC 2013


Right now, I have a 2x1 replica. Ever since I had to reinstall one of the
gluster servers, there's been issues with split-brain. The self-heal daemon
doesn't seem to be running on either of the nodes.

To reinstall the gluster server (the original brick data was intact but the
OS had to be reinstalled)
- Reinstalled gluster
- Copied over the old uuid from backup
- gluster peer probe
- gluster volume sync $othernode all
- mount -t glusterfs localhost:STORAGE /mnt
- find /mnt -noleaf -print0 | xargs --null stat >/dev/null

I let it resync and it was working fine, atleast so I thought. I just came
back a few days later to see there's a miss match in the brick volumes. One
is 50GB ahead of the other.

# gluster volume heal STORAGE info
Status: self-heal-daemon is not running on

/var/log/gluster/glustershd.log doesn't seem to have any recent logs, only
those from when the two original gluster servers were running.

# gluster volume status

Self-heal Daemon on localhost N/A N N/A

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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