[Gluster-users] Feedback Requested: Gluster Community Governance

Bryan Whitehead driver at megahappy.net
Thu Sep 5 23:59:12 UTC 2013

This all looks really good. I think with this official governance plan
I'll be able to contribute more and be more involved.

I wouldn't mind listening in on the board meeting coming up on
September 18th, will this be possible?

On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 12:41 AM, Anand Avati <avati at gluster.org> wrote:
> John Mark,
> Thanks for sending this out. It would be good to have more clarification
> around some of these points/observations:
> - Scope of the governance overview. At the one end the overview document has
> a "high level" organizational theme, and on the other hand it jumps all the
> way down to the specifics on how code patches must be voted, with lots of
> missing details in between. The proposer / maintainer of the individual
> project knows best how to accept patches. We already have multi member
> projects other than glusterfs in the forge (e.g gluster-swift,
> gluster-hadoop, gluster-samba) which have formed their own governance models
> based on the initiators. Maybe voting on code patches is probably best left
> out of scope of such a high level document.
> - Membership criteria - The first criteria listed for membership is code
> contributions. I understand that code contributions alone should not be the
> criteria for membership, but the skew of non code contributors to code
> contributors ratio in the current board seems a little unbalanced. After
> all, open source communities grow around developers and expecting developers
> to be at least close to majority in the seed is both natural and normal. Of
> course, over time and elections the distribution may organically evolve into
> different forms.
> - Initial members - It would be good to highlight the contributions and
> reasons of selection of the initial members. Some of the names are very
> familiar, while some are not known to everyone. I'm sure everybody there
> have been selected for having qualified based based on the criteria.
> Mentioning those criteria against respective members seems important for
> clarity. E.g - X: for super awesome support on IRC, Y: for building a
> massive community in their country, etc. Once seeded openly, reasons for
> further members would be clear based on the election proceedings.
> Thanks,
> Avati
> On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 11:26 PM, John Mark Walker <johnmark at gluster.org>
> wrote:
>> Greetings, Gluster people.
>> tl;dr
>>  - This is a long description designed to elicit constructive discussion
>> of some recent Gluster Community governance initiatives. For all things
>> related to Gluster Community Governance, see
>> http://www.gluster.org/Governance
>> The recent initiatives around GlusterFS development and project governance
>> have been quite amazing to witness - we have been making steady progress
>> towards a "real" open source model for over a year now, and the 3.5 planning
>> meetings are a testament to that.
>> You may have also noticed recent announcements about organizations joining
>> the Gluster Community and the formation of a Gluster Community Board. This
>> is part of the same process of opening up and making a better, more active
>> community, but there is a need to define some of the new (and potentially
>> confusing) terminology.
>> - Gluster Community: What is the Gluster Community? It is a group of
>> developers, users and organizations dedicated to the development of
>> GlusterFS and related projects. GlusterFS is the flagship project of the
>> Gluster Community, but it is not the only one - see
>> http://forge.gluster.org/ to get a sense of the scope of the entire
>> ecosystem. Gluster Community governance is different from GlusterFS project
>> governance.
>> - Gluster Community Board: This consists of individuals from the Gluster
>> Community, as well as representatives of organizations that have signed
>> letters of intent to contribute to the Gluster Community.
>> - Letter of Intent: document signed by organizations who wish to make
>> material contributions to the Gluster Community. These contributions may
>> take many forms, including code contributions, event coordination,
>> documentation, testing, and more. How organizations may contribute is listed
>> at gluster.org/governance
>> - Gluster Software Distribution: with so many projects filling out the
>> Gluster Community, there is a need for an incubation process, as well as a
>> need for criteria that determine eligibility for graduating from incubation
>> into the GSD. We don't yet know how we will do this and are looking for your
>> input.
>> We realized some time ago that there was quite a demand for contributing
>> to and growing the community, but there was no structure in place to do it.
>> The above is our attempt to create an inclusive community that is not solely
>> dependent on Red Hat and enlists the services of those who view the Gluster
>> Community as a valuable part of their business.
>> All of this is in-process but not yet finalized. There is an upcoming
>> board meeting on September 18 where we will vote on parts or all of this.
>> If you questions or just want to discuss this initiative here, reply to
>> this email substituting "gluster-users at gluster.org" for "announce".
>> For all links and documents regarding Gluster Community governance, you
>> can always find the latest here: http://www.gluster.org/Governance
>> Thanks,
>> John Mark Walker
>> Gluster Community Leader
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