[Gluster-users] How to expand Gluster's volume after xfs filesystem resize ?

COCHE Sébastien SCOCHE at sigma.fr
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You are right, I found my mistake. I forgot to extend the second server's partition 

I installed the latest version (3.4) on Centos 6.4.

In order to bench GlusterFS without being limited by disk subsystem, I created a ramdrive (15GB), on two servers.

The major constraint is that I need to rebuild de brick, from the second node, when I restart the server (It is not a production environment)

So the procedure I used to extend the volume is :

-              I remove the brick

-              Extend the Ramdrive (kernel parameter in /etc/grub.conf) (this file I forgot to upgrade on the second node)

-              Recreate the xfs file system

-              Add the newly created file system with a new brick


After correcting my error, the glusterfile system shown me the right size.


Thank you for your help.


Best regards




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Which version of gluster are you using? I have been able to do this with 3.3 and 3.4 on CentOS. With a replica 2 volume, I have just run lvexend with the -r option on both bricks to grow the LV and XF filesystem at the same time. The clients see the new size without having to do anything else specifically in gluster to resize the volume.


On Fri, Nov 8, 2013 at 6:27 AM, COCHE Sébastien <SCOCHE at sigma.fr> wrote:

Hi all,


I am testing gluster’s feature, and how to perform exploitation task.

I created a Gluster cluster composed of 2 nodes.

I create a volume based on xfs filesystem (and LVM), and start a replicated gluster volume.


I would like to expand the volume size by :

-          Expanding LV

-          Expanding xfs filesystem

-          Expanding gluster volume


My problem is: I did not see Gluster command line to take on account the new filesystem size.

The filesystem show me the new size, when gluster volume still see the old size.

I tried the command line : ‘gluster volume rebalance…’ but this command only work for  stipped volume or for replicated volume with more than 1 brick.


How can I expand gluster volume ?


Thank you very much


Best regards


Sébastien Coché


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