[Gluster-users] glusterfs missing files on ls

Stefano Sinigardi stefano.sinigardi at gmail.com
Fri May 31 06:53:12 UTC 2013

Dear all,
Thanks again for your support.
Files are already and exactly duplicated (diff confirms it) on the
bricks, so I'd like not to mess with them directly (in order to not do
anything worse to the volume than what it's already suffering).
I found out, thanks to your help, that in order to trigger the
self-healing there's no more the request of doing a find on all the
files, but that there's the

gluster volume heal VOLNAME full

command to run. So I did a it and it said "Launching Heal operation on
volume data has been successful. Use heal info commands to check
status". But then asking for

gluster volume heal VOLNAME info

it reported each and every entry at zero, like "gluster volume heal
VOLNAME info heal-failed" and "gluster volume heal VOLNAME info
split-brain". It should be a positive news, or no?
If I requested a "gluster volume heal VOLNAME info healed", on the
other hand, revealed 1023 files per couple of bricks that got healed
(very strange that the number is always the same. Is it an upper
bound?). For sure all of them are missing from the volume itself (not
sure if just 1023 per couple are missing from the total, maybe more).
I thought that now at least those should have become visible, but in
fact those are not. How to check logs for this healing process? Doing
a "ls -ltr /var/log/glusterfs/" says that no logs are being touched,
and even looking at the most recent ones reveals that just healing
command launch is reported into them.
I rebooted the nodes but still nothing changed, files are still
missing from the FUSE mount point but not from bricks. I relaunched
the healing and again, 1023 files per couple of bricks got
self-healed. But still, I think that they are the same as before and
those are still missing from the fuse mount point (just tried a few
reported by the gluster volume heal VOLNAME info healed).

Do you have any other suggestion? Things are looking very bad for me
now because of the time that I'm forcing others to loose (as I said,
we don't have any system administrator and I do it just "for fun", but
still people look at you as the main responsible)...

Best regards,


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