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Thanks for your answers. Indeed, secondary storage is not used much if you do not have regular snapshotting taking place, as Nux suggested. In my case it will be the case so I was looking at using gluster for that. However, secondary storage vm seems to freeze the mountpoint if it tries to write something to it. It is very odd as I can see that ssvm created a bunch of folder and files, but all of them have 0 size. Also, I am unable to access that mountpoint for long time periods as any commands like du -h <mount point or ls -lR <mountpoint> freeze for tens of minutes. 

Regarding your gluster + kvm setup, I would be very interested to learn how you've managed to achieve speeds of up to 150mb/s. Am i right in uderstanding that these are the vm disk speeds and not the glusterfs mountpoint speeds on the host side? 

When I was doing my testing I've faced a very interesting problem. The host mountpoint speeds (using dd and /dev/zero) were pretty impressive. I know that it's not the real data, but still. I was getting around 700-800MB/s from a single client. However, running the same command from the vm was giving me a maximum of 50MB/s. 

Do you mind sharing how you've got speeds of 150mb/s? 

Many thanks 
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I've been slowly working on a full-writeup/case-study. I've just been 
drowning in other work. 

Anyhow, for the secondary storage I've just used regular NFS export. 
Once a template gets deployed (copied to a primary storage system on a 
shared-mount) it doesn't need to be copied again. Secondary storage is 
hardly used except for the occasional snapshot and new template. 

On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 1:28 PM, Andrei Mikhailovsky <andrei at arhont.com> wrote: 
> Hi Bryan, 
> I've read about your adventures with infiniband and cloudstack on 
> http://www.marshut.com/kqss/cloudstack-glusterfs-over-infiniband.html. I was 
> wondering if you could share how you've setup your secondary storage in 
> cloudstack? Have you done this through nfs over glusterfs? If so, would you 
> mind sharing a bit more information? I am setting up a similar 
> infrastructure and is currently having issues with the secondary storage vm 
> and nfs over glusterfs mountpoint. 
> Many thanks 
> Andrei 

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