[Gluster-users] glusterfs + cloudstack setup

Bryan Whitehead driver at megahappy.net
Thu May 16 21:07:59 UTC 2013

I've been slowly working on a full-writeup/case-study. I've just been
drowning in other work.

Anyhow, for the secondary storage I've just used regular NFS export.
Once a template gets deployed (copied to a primary storage system on a
shared-mount) it doesn't need to be copied again. Secondary storage is
hardly used except for the occasional snapshot and new template.

On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 1:28 PM, Andrei Mikhailovsky <andrei at arhont.com> wrote:
> Hi Bryan,
> I've read about your adventures with infiniband and cloudstack on
> http://www.marshut.com/kqss/cloudstack-glusterfs-over-infiniband.html. I was
> wondering if you could share how you've setup your secondary storage in
> cloudstack? Have you done this through nfs over glusterfs? If so, would you
> mind sharing a bit more information? I am setting up a similar
> infrastructure and is currently having issues with the secondary storage vm
> and nfs over glusterfs mountpoint.
> Many thanks
> Andrei

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