[Gluster-users] UFO - new version capable of S3 API?

Shawn Heisey gluster at elyograg.org
Tue Mar 5 19:22:47 UTC 2013

I was running the previous version of UFO, the 3.3 one that was based on 
Swift 1.4.8.  Now there is a 3.3.1 based on Swift 1.7.4.  The config 
that I used last time to enable S3 isn't working with the new one, just 
updated yesterday using yum.  I was using tempauth in the old version 
and I'm still using tempauth.

I have a CentOS 6 system and a Fedora 18 system with UFO on them.  The 
CentOS is using kkiethley's repository, the F18 is using standard 

Is there any way to get S3 with UFO?


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