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Joe Julian joe at julianfamily.org
Wed Jun 26 21:20:47 UTC 2013

On 06/26/2013 11:17 AM, k varma wrote:
> I recenlty configured the 2 node replica glusterfs , and I am having 
> couple of issues
Assuming node=server so we have a two server replica 2 volume.
> 1. As soon  as a I reboot the node2,
Which could be either server since they're peers. I'm going to assume 
one of the servers is named "node2" and we're referring to that.
> the glusterfs on node1 is not available
I must now assume that "node1" is a client and that client cannot mount 
the volume. Based on the fstab entry below I'm going to guess that node1 
is also a server. Make sure that glusterd is enabled, "chkconfig 
glusterd on". Also make sure you're using the official packages from 
download.gluster.org. There were some distro packages that had the boot 
order wrong.
> but when I reboot/shutdown node1 the glusterfs is available on node 0 
> , so please let me know if you guys have encountered the same issue
You shutdown and ... what is node0? Is this a third server? Just a 
client? We now have three nodes referenced. node0, node1, and node2. I'm 
having to guess at which are clients and which are servers. Perhaps it 
might be easier to use the terms, server and client, in order to cause 
less confusion.
> 2. I am not able to mount the glusterfs mount at the time of reboot I 
> had to do manually mount everytime.
> node1:/gv0  /mnt/gluster glusterfs defaults,_netdev 1 2 is the options 
> I am using in fstab
That always works for me, except I use rrdns and the hostname, 
"glusterfs" has A records for each of my servers. This allows me to use 
"glusterfs:/myvol" and the mount will succeed even if I have a server 
out for maintenance.

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