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> Hi ,
> I recenlty configured the 2 node replica glusterfs , and I am having couple
> of issues
> 1. As soon as a I reboot the node2 , the glusterfs on node1 is not available
> but when I reboot/shutdown node1 the glusterfs is available on node 0 , so
> please let me know if you guys have encountered the same issue
> 2. I am not able to mount the glusterfs mount at the time of reboot I had to
> do manually mount everytime.
> node1:/gv0 /mnt/gluster glusterfs defaults,_netdev 1 2 is the options I am
> using in fstab

I have seen some NICs that take longer to initialize not be available for when network devices are mounted.  You can tell by checking the gluster mount logs and look for something like:

[2013-04-26 13:22:34.393113] E [socket.c:1715:socket_connect_finish] 0-glusterfs: connection to  failed (No route to host)
[2013-04-26 13:22:34.393489] E [glusterfsd-mgmt.c:1786:mgmt_rpc_notify] 0-glusterfsd-mgmt: failed to connect with remote-host: Transport endpoint is not connected

I think /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-* supports a LINKDELAY variable which cause the network scripts to delay $LINKDELAY number of seconds.  In the cases where I have seen this we didn't need to add the link delay parameter, there was some NW config changes that resolved the issue.


> Thanks ,
> Rishi
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