[Gluster-users] HI Guys

k varma rishikirank at yahoo.co.in
Wed Jun 26 18:17:34 UTC 2013

Hi , 

I recenlty configured the 2 node replica glusterfs , and I am having couple of issues 

1. As soon  as a I reboot the node2 , the glusterfs on node1 is not available but when I reboot/shutdown node1 the glusterfs is available on node 0 , so please let me know if you guys have encountered the same issue

2. I am not able to mount the glusterfs mount at the time of reboot I had to do manually mount everytime.

node1:/gv0  /mnt/gluster glusterfs defaults,_netdev 1 2 is the options I am using in fstab 

Thanks , 
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