[Gluster-users] Case Study: GlusterFS Keeps VFX Studio on the Cutting Edge

John Mark Walker jowalker at redhat.com
Wed Dec 11 22:15:50 UTC 2013

Thanks to Dan Mons for giving his time for an interview and to Jason Brooks for writing this up. 

This is a great case study that features GlusterFS in a "content cloud" type of caes study. From the article:

"Cutting Edge, a visual effects company that’s worked on films such as The Great Gatsby and I, Frankenstein, had outgrown its NAS storage system and was in search of a way to boost its storage capacity and performance in the face of several large upcoming projects. The Australia-based firm turned to GlusterFS as an alternative to making a massive investment in an enterprise SAN."

Read the rest here: http://www.gluster.org/2013/12/glusterfs-keeps-vfx-studio-on-the-cutting-edge/

There's more where this came from :)

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