[Gluster-users] Introducing gluster @ Belgian Post ... and some hiccups.

WEIJS Bart Bart.WEIJS at bpost.be
Wed Dec 11 01:28:41 UTC 2013


Appologies for being so direct, but I need some help.

We're a 30 000 people company, mostly doing postal & financial things in Belgium. In fact, we are the largest company in Belgium.

We got ever greater pressure on budgets (don't we all), and we're facing a 5 year old VTL near end of life.

Our biggest consumption is Oracle (give or take 143 Tb backups / archives per week). Archives are written to SAN disks first and then offloaded to the VTL. That box is 128 Tb ( 128 Tb on 2 datacentres) in a redundant setup. Our backup retention is about 3 days due to this...

After those 3 days, the VTL offloads to a tape robot (very large storagetek sl8500 with all expansions).

What we would like to do; is introduce gluster ( in the form of Red Hat Storage for support) to replace the VTL. I know this is possible, in my free time I organize fosdem ( https://fosdem.org/2014/ ) , and I've seen test setups which were similar but smaller.

Then our management asked for reference cases. Believe it or not, but red hat couldn't give one customer that used gluster for oracle backups nor archives, and I can't find any trace online.

However .. I did find this : http://www.gestas.net/files/webinar_follow_up.pdf

Where I find this statement : "Do you have anyone using this as a backup target for RMAN (Oracle backups) and replicating those backups/logs? => Absolutely. Backup-to-disk is a great use case for gluster, lots of groups use us for that. We work well with RMAN, Netbackup, Commvault, etc. "

Well; we need exactly that, and we use netbackup to orchestrate the oracle backups... Can we have some kind of testimonial, someone who has done this (and how )?

Mvg; Bart

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