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Sahina Bose sabose at redhat.com
Sat Aug 31 08:02:43 UTC 2013

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On 08/29/2013 10:05 PM, Steve Dainard wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm looking for some opinions on our current topology and how a 
> disaster recovery plan would shake out in the real world on an 
> ovirt/gluster clustered system.
> Please ignore the RH references in the attached diagram, we're still 
> on the fence if we're going with support or not.
> Inline image 1
> The Plan
> At HQ site:
> Two Gluster nodes running as replica's.
> ~4 Virt notes
> 1 Manager node (likely running on as separate kvm HA VM)
> Offsite:
> 1 Gluster node acting as a geo-replication target
> 1 Virt node
> 1 Manager in standby (waiting to recover db backup)
> *Even better would be using both nodes at this site as one striped 
> gluster volume, standby Manager, and Virt nodes to eliminate the 
> standby Manager box, decrease costs and increase virt resources, but 
> I'm not sure this is doable quite yet.*
> During regular operations we're replicating our gluster storage 
> offsite with geo-replication.
> In the event of a disaster (for simplicity we'll say the server room 
> becomes unusable) I would want to recover the Manager at the offsite 
> location from a backup, add the geo-replicated gluster storage domain 
> as the normal domain, then start spinning up the business critical 
> VM's. With a router in-place and some external DNS changes we should 
> be able to keep our VPN accessible and all our internal resources 
> available to mobile/home workers, or in this simple case even from our 
> normal office location (already have the site-to-site VPN active).
> I'm planning on using a vpls solution to extend the VM subnet and 
> storage/virt subnet across both sites so we don't need to worry about 
> dns/IP changes in the middle of recovery.
> I think the biggest question so far is can we smoothly replace the 
> normal storage domain on ovirt with the geo-replicated storage domain 
> in the DR situation off-site?
> I've tried to layout most of the high level stuff here so if anyone 
> sees any flaws or potential gotcha's feel free to chime in. I can 
> provide more detail if necessary.
> Thanks!
> *Steve
> *
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