[Gluster-users] Slow writing on mounted glusterfs volume via Samba

Janantha Marasinghe janantha at janantha.net
Sat Aug 24 11:12:32 UTC 2013

Which will allow say for example user in network 1 talk to server in network
1 and that server gets syncd with server in network 2 ?

From:  Joel Young <jdy at cryregarder.com>
Date:  Saturday, August 24, 2013 8:57 AM
To:  Janantha Marasinghe <janantha at janantha.net>
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Subject:  Re: [Gluster-users] Slow writing on mounted glusterfs volume via

Sounds like geo sync would be what you want.

On Aug 23, 2013 8:20 AM, "Janantha Marasinghe" <janantha at janantha.net>
> Hi guys,
> I have configured gluster fs in replication mode in two ubuntu servers.
> Windows users use samba sharing to access the mounted volume. Basically my
> setup is that client machines on each site connect to its local file server so
> it has the fattest connection. Two files servers are connected via VPN tunnel
> which has really high bandwidth
> Right now it is very slow to write files to the volume. Is there any way that
> I can configure smb.conf or gluster so that it writes to the local brick and
> that brick gets synced to the other side. How can I make writing/reading files
> faster via samba.
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