[Gluster-users] How do I let the replication done in glusterfs server side?

Jung Young Seok jung.youngseok at gmail.com
Mon Aug 12 08:34:04 UTC 2013

Dear Gluster Users,

We're currently replacing storage solution to GlusterFS
and trying to find bottleneck so we can utilize GlusterFS as expected.

One thing I'd like to ask is about glusterfs client's broadcasting.

We have 2 gluserfs servers and each server has 2 bricks.
Each brick replicates to other side. (So we use logically 2 bricks)

When I mount it as glusterfs and copy a file on the mounted folder,
the client sends the file to both server (to replicate each other)

I want the replication to be done in glusterfs server not in client side.

However, if I mount glusterfs node as nfs, replication is done in server

I'd like to avoid using client side 10g network and I'd like to use 10g on
Storage server side if it should be.

Is there any way let the replication job done in glusterfs server side not
in client side?
(We're using CentOS5.8 for client[WAS], CentOS6.3 for GlusterFS Server)

If I broke the mailing rule, please understand and explain how I can use
it. (I Couldn't use the IRC caht)

Any advice would be helpful.
Thanks a lot.

Youngseok Jung
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