[Gluster-users] Very slow directory listing and high CPU usage on replicated volume

Brian Candler B.Candler at pobox.com
Mon Nov 5 18:26:12 UTC 2012

On Mon, Nov 05, 2012 at 01:10:40PM -0500, Jonathan Lefman wrote:
>    Thanks Brian.  I tried what you recommended.  At first I was very
>    encouraged when I saw things moving across the wire.  But about 15
>    minutes into the transfer things ground to a halt.  I am currently
>    running across a GigE channel.  Things were moving about 20-40 MB/s but
>    when things stopped moving the transfer rate is down in single digit
>    kb/s.  Even doing a top level directory listing takes quite a while.

Hmm. Maybe an strace on the client side (glusterfs FUSE process) and server
side (glusterfsd) might give some clues?

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