[Gluster-users] Moving contents of disks/nodes to a new installation of glusterfs?

Philip Poten philip.poten at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 18:56:51 UTC 2011

I sent that mail to the list once already, I don't know if it was held up in
moderation or just lost.


for various reasons I can not just set up new nodes and extend the cluster,
I need to replace it. Wrong machines, wrong disks, you get the idea.

Now, the current setup is distributed replication setup with two disks on
two nodes like that: a:b, A:B

The new setup will be two nodes with four disks: a:b:c:d, A:B:C:D

can i just cp -a the contents of my original setup on the corresponding
disks in the new setup? Will the extended attributes be correct? If not,
what would be the issues?

thanks a bunch in advance for any insight,
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