[Gluster-users] newbie questions + rpc_client_ping_timer_expired error

Chris Haumesser ch at luciddg.com
Thu May 12 00:16:42 UTC 2011

Replying to my own thread ...

After reading more mailing list archives and docs, I tried disabling
stat-prefetch, to no avail.

I next disabled all of the other performance-related features (write-behind,
read-ahead, io-cache, quick-read), and now my debootstrap appears to be
(albeit slowly) going about its business without issue.

I also noticed that 42 seconds is the default value for
network.ping-timeout, which corresponds to the error I was seeing in syslog.

Which of the above options, now disabled, is most likely to have triggered
the network ping timeouts that I was consistently seeing before? (I did not
change anything on the network.)

What other side-effects and performance hits will I incur with the above
options disabled?

Finally, I do not see descriptions of what the io-cache or quick-read
options do in the 3.2 docs. Can someone elucidate? I would also love more
thorough explanations of what how write-behind and read-ahead work (the docs
are pretty terse).

Thanks everyone.


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