[Gluster-users] performance expectations?

Chris Haumesser ch at luciddg.com
Wed Jul 27 19:56:24 UTC 2011


I'm keen to use glusterfs as scalable storage to match the rest of my 
horizontally-scalable, commodity platform.

I've been testing on a machine with 4x SATA 7200 drives. I created four 
KVM virtual machines, gave each of them a dedicated disk, and installed 
gluster-3.2.2. I created a distributed replicated volume across four 
bricks, with a replication factor of 2. The virtual machines are 
networked together via software bridge (standard KVM).

When transferring a 4GB filesystem of relatively small files 
(mean=795KB), I see write throughput of about 512 KB/s, with reads 
approaching 3 MB/s.

As expected, large files show much better throughput: 20MB/s write and 
50MB/s read for a 500MB file.

In production, I plan to swap out magnetic drives for SSDs. Will this 
help with the write performance of small files on glusterfs, as I suspect?

Are my results for small files consistent with other users?



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