[Gluster-users] gluster client performance

John Lalande john.lalande at ssec.wisc.edu
Tue Jul 26 15:54:03 UTC 2011

Thanks for your help, Pavan!
> Hi John,
> I would need some more information about your setup to estimate the 
> performance you should get with your gluster setup.
> 1. Can you provide the details of how disks are connected to the 
> storage boxes ? Is it via FC ? What raid configuration is it using (if 
> at all any) ?
The disks are 2TB near-line SAS direct attached via a PERC H700 
controller (the Dell PowerEdge R515 has 12 3.5" drive bays). They are in 
a RAID6 config, exported as a single volume, that's split into 3 
equal-size partitions (due to ext4's (well, e2fsprogs') 16 TB limit).
> 2. What is the disk bandwidth you are getting on the local filesystem 
> on a given storage node ? I mean, pick any of the 10 storage servers 
> dedicated for Gluster Storage and perform a dd as below:
Seeing an average of 740 MB/s write, 971 GB/s read.

> 3. What is the IB bandwidth that you are getting between the compute 
> node and the glusterfs storage node? You can run the tool "rdma_bw" to 
> get the details:
30407: Bandwidth peak (#0 to #976): 2594.58 MB/sec
30407: Bandwidth average: 2593.62 MB/sec
30407: Service Demand peak (#0 to #976): 978 cycles/KB
30407: Service Demand Avg  : 978 cycles/KB

Here's our gluster config:

# gluster volume info data

Volume Name: data
Type: Distribute
Status: Started
Number of Bricks: 30
Transport-type: rdma
Brick1: data-3-1-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick1/export
Brick2: data-3-3-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick1/export
Brick3: data-3-5-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick1/export
Brick4: data-3-7-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick1/export
Brick5: data-3-9-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick1/export
Brick6: data-3-11-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick1/export
Brick7: data-3-13-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick1/export
Brick8: data-3-15-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick1/export
Brick9: data-3-17-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick1/export
Brick10: data-3-19-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick1/export
Brick11: data-3-1-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick2/export
Brick12: data-3-3-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick2/export
Brick13: data-3-5-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick2/export
Brick14: data-3-7-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick2/export
Brick15: data-3-9-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick2/export
Brick16: data-3-11-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick2/export
Brick17: data-3-13-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick2/export
Brick18: data-3-15-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick2/export
Brick19: data-3-17-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick2/export
Brick20: data-3-19-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick2/export
Brick21: data-3-1-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick3/export
Brick22: data-3-3-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick3/export
Brick23: data-3-5-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick3/export
Brick24: data-3-7-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick3/export
Brick25: data-3-9-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick3/export
Brick26: data-3-11-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick3/export
Brick27: data-3-13-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick3/export
Brick28: data-3-15-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick3/export
Brick29: data-3-17-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick3/export
Brick30: data-3-19-infiniband.infiniband:/data-brick3/export
Options Reconfigured:
nfs.disable: on



John Lalande
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Space Science & Engineering Center
1225 W. Dayton Street, Room 439, Madison, WI 53706
608-263-2268 / john.lalande at ssec.wisc.edu

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