[Gluster-users] View from one client's gone subbornly bad

Whit Blauvelt whit.gluster at transpect.com
Thu Jul 21 23:41:41 UTC 2011


This setup is two system which have replicated Gluster storage, and also are
the clients for it. In both cases the Gluster mount is handled by autofs.
The setup was quite stable with Gluster 3.1.3 for some weeks. Then a few
days back I upgraded to 3.1.5 - wanted to try it on a less essential system
before risking a production instance with the upgrade.

Today the view from one of the systems, as client, has gone sour. The mount
keeps disappearing, in a way that requires a manual "umount -l" on it to get
automount to bring it back - for a bit. Operations that involve writing to
it or even viewing the directory tend to lock up. I've rebooted the system
several times with no improvement. I've copied all the files out of the
backing store with Gluster not running, and then after restarting Gluster
back in through the mount - which seemed to work. But then no improvement.

The Gluster logs look totally uneventful through this - not many messages
and nothing they hadn't had on prior days.

The client on the other system in the pair continues through this to have
normal access. The system with the Gluster client problem shows no other

What's the right way to troubleshoot this? Need to learn how before the
production system I'm using Gluster with gets into this sort of trouble.


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