[Gluster-users] Strange Behavior using FUSE client

Terry Haley terry_haley at dfci.harvard.edu
Fri Jul 15 16:06:23 UTC 2011

I've recently setup a distributed/replicated cluster and have had an issue
with seeing the directories on the cluster. Also, a df -h only shows data
from one of the three bricks.


The strange behavior doesn't end there. If I log into the 'primary' server
as root, then do an ls on the client, the directories appear. However, df -h
is still incorrect.


I'm not sure exactly where to start on this. 


Here's the volume info:


Volume Name: macf-mirror

Type: Distributed-Replicate

Status: Started

Number of Bricks: 3 x 2 = 6

Transport-type: tcp


Brick1: cortex-dr-001.dfci.harvard.edu:/mnt/data01

Brick1: cortex-dr-002.dfci.harvard.edu:/mnt/data01

Brick1: cortex-dr-001.dfci.harvard.edu:/mnt/data02

Brick1: cortex-dr-002.dfci.harvard.edu:/mnt/data02

Brick1: cortex-dr-001.dfci.harvard.edu:/mnt/data03

Brick1: cortex-dr-002.dfci.harvard.edu:/mnt/data03


A df -h on the cortex-dr-001:


Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/md2               66G  4.6G   58G   8% /

/dev/md0               71G  186M   68G   1% /opt

tmpfs                 5.9G     0  5.9G   0% /dev/shm

/dev/sde1              17T   83G   17T   1% /mnt/data03

/dev/sdd1              39T  182G   38T   1% /mnt/data02

/dev/sdc1              39T   81G   39T   1% /mnt/data01


A df -h from the client:


Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on


                       12G  7.7G  3.4G  70% /

/dev/sda1              99M   29M   65M  31% /boot

tmpfs                1006M     0 1006M   0% /dev/shm


                       17T   92G   17T   1% /mnt/mirror


Any suggestions and where/what to look at would be appreciated. 






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