[Gluster-users] Issues with geo-rep

Carl Chenet chaica at ohmytux.com
Thu Jul 7 10:06:41 UTC 2011


I'm testing the geo-rep feature and I do have some issues with it. I do 
have read [1] and [2].

I have a replicated volume on and called 
"test-volume" and another one on and also 
called "test-volume"

test-volume on .30/.31 is the master. I exchanged the ssh key from (one of the bricks of the master volume) to 
(one of the bricks of the slave volume) using the root user and the 
/etc/glusterd/geo-replication/secret.pem file.

So i can connect through ssh from the 1st brich of the volume master to 
the first brick of the volume slave without password with this command:

root at glusterfs1:~# ssh -i /etc/glusterd/geo-replication/secret.pem 
root at
root at glusterfs3:~#

I created the geo-replication with the following command :

# gluster volume geo-replication test-volume 
root at start

The ssh geo-replication command seems ok :

root at glusterfs1:~# gluster volume geo-replication test-volume 
root at config ssh-command
ssh -oPasswordAuthentication=no -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no -i 

But in the geo-replication log I do have this output (log level DEBUG) :
[2011-07-07 12:05:00.872988] I [monitor(monitor):42:monitor] Monitor: 
[2011-07-07 12:05:00.873234] I [monitor(monitor):43:monitor] Monitor: 
starting gsyncd worker
[2011-07-07 12:05:00.938944] I [gsyncd:286:main_i] <top>: syncing: 
gluster://localhost:test-volume -> ssh://root@
[2011-07-07 12:05:00.949170] D [repce:131:push] RepceClient: call 
3441:140305397196544:1310033100.95 __repce_version__() ...
[2011-07-07 12:05:01.64697] E [syncdutils:131:log_raise_exception] 
<top>: FAIL:
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/lib/glusterfs/glusterfs/python/syncdaemon/syncdutils.py", 
line 152, in twrap
   File "/usr/lib/glusterfs/glusterfs/python/syncdaemon/repce.py", line 
118, in listen
     rid, exc, res = recv(self.inf)
   File "/usr/lib/glusterfs/glusterfs/python/syncdaemon/repce.py", line 
42, in recv
     return pickle.load(inf)
[2011-07-07 12:05:01.70040] D [monitor(monitor):58:monitor] Monitor: 
worker seems to be connected (?? racy check)
[2011-07-07 12:05:02.72268] D [monitor(monitor):62:monitor] Monitor: 
worker died in startup phase

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Carl Chenet

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