[Gluster-users] Frequent "stale nfs file handle" error

Fabricio Cannini fcannini at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 14:14:30 UTC 2011

Em Quarta-feira 12 Janeiro 2011, às 08:19:50, Amar Tumballi escreveu:
> > > If anybody can make a sense of why is it happening, i'd be really
> > > really thankful.
> > 
> > We fixed many issues in 3.1.x releases compared to 3.0.5 (even some
> > issues
> fixed in 3.0.6). Please considering testing/upgrading to higher version.

I'm thinking about upgrading, but i'd rather stay with debian stock packages 
if possible.
I'll talk with Patrick Matthäi, Debian's gluster maintainer and see if is it 
possible to backport the fixes.
Also, if there is any work-around available, please tell us.

> > Got same problem at 3.1.1 - 3.1.2qa4
> Can you paste the logs ?? Also, when you say problem, what is the user
> application errors seen?

i've put a bunch of log messages here >> http://pastebin.com/gkf3CmK9 and here 
>> http://pastebin.com/wDgF74j8 .

> Regards,
> Amar

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